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[Castle in the Sky] Fanfic: Yon, Thither, and Hither [01 Feb 2016|04:37am]


Word Count: 35.5K. This is not a typo, either.
Rating: G! Family friendly fun!
Pairing(s)/Characters: Sheeta/Pazu, with an ensemble cast, and surprise cameos from other Ghibli and Miyazaki works.
Summary: Sheeta and Pazu navigate new soils and skies where emprise and discovery abound.

Read @ AO3

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[Mononoke Hime] Fanfic: Terrella [29 Nov 2015|01:15am]

Title: Terrella
Word Count: 14K
Rating: A hard, firm M
Pairing: San/Ashitaka
Summary: Neither are smooth.
Warning: sex and scars and descriptions and discussions thereof.

Read @ AO3
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[Mimi wo Sumaseba | Whisper of the Heart] Fanfiction: To Treasure [17 Oct 2015|03:46am]


Title: To Treasure
Word Count: 57000ish. This isn’t a typo.
Rating: M
Summary: Shizuku visits Seiji in Italy years later. Unexpected adventures ensue.
Additional notes: I cannot say this enough, but thank you so much, lavender88​! I really couldn’t have done it without you.

Read @ AO3

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Art Books For Sale [24 Mar 2015|12:37pm]

Spring cleaning currently getting rid of some of my huge book collection. I donated the majority of the normal books to my local Goodwill and Sharing Center, however I'd like to get a little return of these beauties. The prices are flexible, especially if you purchase more than one. Accepting Paypal only, you can check my feedback here:

Tinkerbell: An Evolution
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Hard cover book. Brand New $20
The Art Of The Secret World Of Arrietty
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Soft cover book. Brand new $15
The Art Of Megamind
-Slightly worn dust cover. Hard cover book. New $20
The Art Of Avatar: the Last Airbender
-Great condition. Hard Cover $20
The Art Of Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
-Great Condition. Brand New Hardcover $20
How to Draw: Disney Fairies
-Good condition. Soft cover. $3
The Art Of Kiki's Delivery Service
-Brand new great condition $20

Poster Art Of The Disney Parks
-Slightly worn dust cover. Hard cover book. New $25
The Art Of Brave
-Like New $20
The Art Of Frozen
-New $25
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Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service: small Kiki shoulder-bag-coin-purse [25 Aug 2014|06:54pm]

I'm afraid I'm moving abroad and can't fit some of my collection into my storage. >.<

More info on my personal LJ: http://seifumeigetsu.livejournal.com/21398.html

SO! Has anyone seen the live-action Kiki movie yet?? :D
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Studio Ghibli icons [02 Apr 2014|03:59pm]

58 x The Secret World of Arrietty
57 x Howl's Moving Castle
40 x Porco Rosso

arrietty 25 howl 25 porco rosso 32

@ my DW
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today only Spirited Away shirt! [16 Jan 2014|12:29pm]

This is good for today (January 16th, 2014) only @ https://www.shirtpunch.com/

They are $10 plus shipping :)

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Hayao Miyazaki Receives Japanese Cultural Merit Honor [03 Nov 2012|12:15am]


Now this is a piece of news that brings a tear to an eye (and not ironically, sarcastically or in any bad way speaking) – the Japanese government announced anime director Hayao Miyazaki as one of this year’s 15 winners of the Person of Cultural Merit honor on Tuesday.

Hayao Miyazaki is best known for his animated films produced under Studio Ghibli, such as Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo. He is now deep in production of his latest work, an anime “with lots of airplanes” and a projected 2013 release date.

The Japanese government awards the cultural honor every November to people who contributed to Japanese culture for many years (something similar to an Award for lifetime achievement). The winners of The Order of Cultural Merit, highest order, are decorated by the Emperor himself in the Imperial Palace on November 3 — a national holiday called Cultural Day. This year’s Order of Cultural Merit recipients include Shinya Yamanaka, the stem cell researcher who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, and novelist Takashi Tsujii.

Manga and anime creator Leiji Matsumoto (Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999) also received the Person of Cultural Merit honor in 2001, and fellow manga creator Shigeru Mizuki (Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro) received the same honor in 2010. Anime director Tsutomu Shibayama (Doraemon) and sound director Susumu Aketagawa (Princess Knight, Akira) each received a different Cultural Agency Award this September as well, an award given out by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Now we only need to live to see Kentaro Miura receiving it – it is high time for that to happen, too.

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yetee shirts [09 Nov 2013|02:00pm]

Yetee shirts has 2 awesome shirts for today!! I got the one on the right :)

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[Spirited Away] Fic: The Thousandth Fathom [12 Jan 2014|02:01am]


Title: The Thousandth Fathom
Word Count: 12,862
Rating: G
Summary: Chihiro plunges into unmeasurable waters once more.
Additional notes: Written for Yuletide. Includes reunions and Ghibli shoutouts for interested parties!

Read @ AO3

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