Meg (princess5899) wrote in ghibli,

Art Books For Sale

Spring cleaning currently getting rid of some of my huge book collection. I donated the majority of the normal books to my local Goodwill and Sharing Center, however I'd like to get a little return of these beauties. The prices are flexible, especially if you purchase more than one. Accepting Paypal only, you can check my feedback here:

Tinkerbell: An Evolution
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Hard cover book. Brand New $20
The Art Of The Secret World Of Arrietty
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Soft cover book. Brand new $15
The Art Of Megamind
-Slightly worn dust cover. Hard cover book. New $20
The Art Of Avatar: the Last Airbender
-Great condition. Hard Cover $20
The Art Of Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
-Great Condition. Brand New Hardcover $20
How to Draw: Disney Fairies
-Good condition. Soft cover. $3
The Art Of Kiki's Delivery Service
-Brand new great condition $20

Poster Art Of The Disney Parks
-Slightly worn dust cover. Hard cover book. New $25
The Art Of Brave
-Like New $20
The Art Of Frozen
-New $25
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