Kiki's delivery service will be re-made into a live action film!

One of my most favorite Ghibli animation films, Majo no Takkyuubin 魔女の宅急便(Kiki’s Delivery Service), will be re-made into a live action film. I hope Kiki and the other actors won’t be disheartening ones. Usually live action films tend to be disappointing, as I would recall another favorite film of mine that was shown several years ago, the ‘Norwegian Wood’. I could not put up with the daikon大根 actor(I don't know how it's been called in English, very bad acting), Midori. Maybe her image was too far away from my image of Midori, which disturbed my repose. That's the reason why. Naturally each one of us creates our own image of the character when it comes to novel, anime or manga.

[Mononoke Hime] Even more fic!

Another couplet of things I wrote in the past few weeks:

Title: Harkening
Word Count: 3.2K
Rating: T
Summary: They listen and remember.
Additional notes: Ashitaka/San nocturne with backstory. Also: MAPLE SYRUP.

Read @ AO3

Title: Wolf in the Breast
Word Count: 3.2K
Rating: G
Summary: On living and dying.
Additional notes: Focuses on the mother-daughter relationship between San and Moro, as well as backstory.

Read @ AO3

[Mononoke Hime] Two fics!

I return bearing fic! There are two offerings, this time around:

Title: at first blush, an amaranthine rush
Word Count: 11,600-ish
Rating: M
Summary: A tale of colours, of seasons.
Additional notes: Once again, some post-canon San/Ashitaka. Companion piece thingy to Yama no Kodama.

Read @ AO3

Title: Pride's Paradox
Word Count: 900
Rating: T
Summary: The huntress hesitates.
Additional notes: A short San-centric character study, of sorts.

Read @ AO3

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Selling Ghibli movies

I didn't see anything about selling on profile page and i can't navigate community properly to see if anything was said about this. So if sale posts are not OK, mod please delete it >_<

I'm selling 2 Ghibly movies, both are German editions, but English subs or dub are provided (with Japanese dub included), both still originally packed.
If interested please take a look for other info if necessary.
5€ Princessin Mononoke, Japanese and German dub + German sub
5€ Kikis' kleiner Liefrservice, Japanese, German and English dub + German sub

[Mononoke Hime] Fanfiction: 山の木霊

Hello! I'm not sure if posting fanfiction is a popular practice on this comm, but I recently wrote a fic for Miyazaki's gorgeous Mononoke Hime and wanted to share it here. Comments over at Archive of Our Own are always appreciated and welcomed!

Title: 山の木霊 (or, Echoes of the Mountain)
Word Count: Roughly 14,500
Rating: M-ish for sexuality
Summary: San welcomes Ashitaka into her den.
Additional Notes: Post-canon, San/Ashitaka. A sexy-medieval-fantasy-Japan!slice of life to add to your day. Scenic landmarks and Ghibli shoutouts included for your perusal.